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Hamburger ☰ Heaven

While exploring unicode symbols, I discovered that the three-bar icon people now see as the hamburger menu also exists in the symbol table as something called the “trigram for heaven” ☰.

Mess to meme to meaning

Last February I gave a lightning talk at the Manila leg of World Information Architecture Day (WIAD)—and I kind of love how it started from meta commentary but grew into something deeper. It’s totally my genre. These are my behind-the-scenes notes on it:

Stellify, realigned

It’s taken me ages, but I’ve tidied up a bit around here. Welcome to the new-ish, old-ish Stellify: let me show you around.

Plot twist: not a speaker

If you’ve seen my updated Twitter bio lately, it reads like that. Here’s a little more context behind it.


Macau is, for the most part, split between its colonial past on Taipa, and its extravagant future on Cotai.

Reading books online

Last Updated: June 11, 2019 I appreciate and admire that these authors put their books on the web for free. By free books, I don’t just mean files you can download, or excerpts on fancy landing pages. They are the actual text formatted as beautiful, functional webpages—redefining our idea of what a book is, and what it means to have free access to the wisdom that comes from it. 

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