Let’s make meaningful experiences for the web.

From user interface & user experience to web design & front-end development, I can work with you to build products and services that value users through inclusiveness, accessibility, responsiveness, progressive enhancement, performance, and web standards. Here’s what I can do for you:


  • Design

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    User interface and product design for mobile and web applications.

  • Code

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    Front-end design & development with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

  • Systems

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    Style guides, reusable components, information architecture, interface audits, and design systems.

  • CMS

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    Client-friendly websites powered by content management systems like WordPress.

  • Writing

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    Microcopy, content, blogging, and publications on design, development, technology, & the web.

  • Strategy

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    Building a web presence and understanding your technology needs, including internet & email marketing, social media & community management.

I’ve worked with:

InVision, Rio Alma, Converge, xchange, Epicenter, Blims, Splashpress, UP Diliman Computer Science, Praise Music, Forevergeek, Auto Top-up Ventures, Susan Gunelius, Devlounge, UAS, Barefoot Investor, Vibal Foundation, Dataline, Phi Kappa Phi 045, Wisdump, and more.

Hint: I can consult with you on my own, or collaborate with your team.

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