Let’s make meaningful experiences for the web.

From web design & front-end development to user interface & user experience, I can help you build products and services that value people through:

  • inclusiveness
  • accessibility
  • responsiveness
  • progressive enhancement
  • performance
  • web standards

My tasks vary from one project to another, so here are solutions that I can do for you:


  • Design

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    User interface and product design for mobile and web applications.

  • Code

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    Front-end design & development with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

  • CMS & SSG

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    Client-friendly websites and themes powered by WordPress, or JAMstack platforms like Jekyll and Eleventy.

  • Systems

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    Style guides, reusable components, information architecture, interface audits, and design systems.

  • Writing

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    Microcopy, content, blogging, and publications on design, development, technology, & the web.

  • Strategy

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    Understanding your technology needs for a web presence, including search & email marketing, social media & community management.

I’ve worked with:

InVision, Rio Alma, xchange, Epicenter, Blims, Splashpress, UP Diliman Computer Science, Praise Music, Forevergeek, Auto Top-up Ventures, Susan Gunelius, Devlounge, UAS, Barefoot Investor, Vibal Foundation, Dataline, Phi Kappa Phi 045, Wisdump, and more.

Hint: I can consult with you on my own, or collaborate with your team.

Want to discuss further?

For more info, including links to my resume or portfolio, you can get in touch with me via LinkedIn or E-mail.

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