Bagsakan, i

I’m trying something out. Magbabagsakan dito in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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Mess to meme to meaning

Last February I gave a lightning talk at the Manila leg of World Information Architecture Day (WIAD)—and I kind of love how it started from meta commentary but grew into something deeper. It’s totally my genre. These are my behind-the-scenes notes on it:

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How to emphasize things on the internet

As told in the time-honored tradition of the Listicle format, with GIFs. Although you may not take this seriously, as a citizen of the Internet I like keeping tabs on these weird meta things.

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Ghost Cat

“They call the snow leopard the ghost cat—never lets itself be seen.”

“Ghost cat?”

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Of Manila

I find it ironic that out of reportedly 150+ accounts that attempt to capture a certain demographic of Manila, it’s the one about Cats which has been the most productive & meaningful. Their account gained attention for the humor, then for featuring real cats that need real homes, and most recently for organizing an actual adoption event & fundraiser. View this post on Instagram "Magulo na ngayon. Lahat na lang […]

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Over here, Uber there

The biggest things to hit the Philippines in 2014? Wicked, Spotify, Tim Ho Wan, H&M, McRibs, Sasha Grey, Uber. The last one has earned the ire of the LTFRB (because it falls under colorum vehicles) and that of local legislators (because it’s so easy to jump on a bandwagon to pick their next political crusade), but it’s no simple victim here. In just a few weeks, the local headlines went […]

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“Ours is a society where polite small talk takes the form of inquisitions about body weight, oftentimes the spirit of levity masking impoliteness.”

Says it all.

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Blog for you, or two

As it becomes clearer that people are hiking back to blog on their own sites again, Matt Mullenweg writes about how it’s a lot more challenging to do that these days especially now that it’s become easier than ever to measure—and therefore judge—posts by stars and stats. Every update you make on every social network looks lacking if no one has faved, liked, pinned, upvoted, or +1’d it. While several […]

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