April 24 is JS Naked Day

“We don’t have any non-JavaScript users” No, all your users are non-JS while they’re downloading your JS
Jake Archibald

JavaScript framework logos in Vtuber style by Sawaratsuki.
Vtuber-style JS logos by Sawaratsuki

I just updated Stellify to support JavaScript Naked Day, a whole 18 years after the inaugural CSS Naked Day in 2006. The only way you should be able to tell is from a message in the footer, and fingers crossed, nothing seems to be broken. As it should be!

JS Naked Day promotes the rule of least power. That is: start with HTML for semantic markup and CSS for styling. Use the web platform (especially forms!) for interactivity. And then, progressively upgrade with JavaScript for advanced interactivity. In plain terms: your website should work without JavaScript enabled.

On my end: there was one unruly plugin (WP Rocket Lazy Loading) I had to disable specifically (and should probably stop using in favor of native loading="lazy"), but unfortunately there’s also one script left from Cloudflare for email obfuscation that I would have to toggle manually if I wanted it gone. So of the 6 JS files I counted, only 1 is left.

But this is more than developery talk. Again, the Web values universal access. Over-reliance on certain things like JS can be exclusionary to certain users — whether they’re using lower powered devices or extremely slow internet — and that’s what must be kept in mind. While the tech world is obsessed with chasing the shiniest high-end setups, they push aside the typical user, and even more so, the marginalized ones.

Via Sara Soueidan; also fun timing to use the Vtuber logo trend going around (HTML is there, but still waiting for actual CSS & JS)

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