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“The work you do when you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”

Jessica Hische

There’s just something about the web that encourages you to jump in, learn from experimenting, and carve out your own little place in it.


In 2008, several of us came together because we wanted a web design conference. We founded the Philippine Web Designers Organization, then launched <form> function() & .class in 2009. It’s the first conference of its kind in Asia and hailed Most Diverse Tech Conference by Women Who Code Manila in 2017. PWDO is also one of the earliest members of Philippine Tech Community, a coalition of fellow grassroots communities.

I wear many different hats in the org: design and code, marketing and sponsorship, government and finances. These are some of the most recent visible things I’ve done:


I don’t really identify as a speaker, but here are some past talks, panels, & workshops on web development, information architecture, community building, careers, and even social media.

Blogging, Themes, & Resources

  • Philippine Blog Awards logo.

    Philippine Blog Awards

    Finalist for Technology Blog (2007) and Blog Design (2008); Judge for Blog Design (2009)

  • Qwerky header banner.


    Notebook of the weirdest Web 2.0 names; originally for my Creative Writing 198 class

  • Tiffany Blue theme thumbnail.

    Tiffany Blue

    WP Sandbox Theme competition finalist

  • Rubidious theme thumbnail.

    Asterisk / Rubidious

    Side blog and a theme I created for it, which was later released for Performancing

  • CSS Cheat Sheet thumbnail.

    CSS Cheat Sheet

    A crash course for people who have zero background in CSS; also for my Creative Writing 198 class

  • Lifetime thumbnail.


    A poem by Narayan Surve turned into hypertext; also for my Creative Writing 198 class

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