Bagsakan, iii

Filipina Lo-Fi Girl illustration on laptop screen.

  • @anongsalita is a Twitter bot of Filipino words and what they mean in English.
  • Tilaok Toys branding by Riko Laguilles.
  • Typecat, a typing speed test by Rico Sta. Cruz.
  • Fly Me to The Moon in Tagalog by @Salinawit.
  • aims to support and empower indigenous communities, and one of their first campaigns is Dear Filipinos, a collaboration with local artists.
  • Roundup-ception (with masks, of course): Masked Media for press freedom, Project Busal for unmasking human rights abuses in the time of COVID-19, and Pandemic Patterns for cheeky depictions of the times we live in.
  • is a free (!) hub of Pinoy Komiks.
  • #KatinkoArtbox features Filipino art pieces on Katinko boxes. What a brilliant crossover. Between this and the previous, more accessible art please.
  • Mother Tongue is a game by Nell Raban that teaches you Tagalog one awkward conversation with your mom a day.
  • @para.initiative raises funds for different sectors of society that have suffered from the economic and health effects of COVID-19. Features small businesses that have portions of their sales donated to the cause.
  • Philippine Chibi Wildlife by Cloud Chien Mendoza for WWF Philippines.
  • How the Philippine Space Agency logo was made.
  • Image: Filipina Lo-Fi Girl by King_Paymon. See also videos and art here and here.
  • Bonus: I just learned that Bombo Radyo uses actual drums for their stinger. In all their radio stations nationwide. I love it.

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