Bagsakan, ii

iPad on leaves with Kapit Lang wallpaper

  • Merienda miniatures by Scher Padilla.
  • Organizing a Fully Remote Tech Meetup from your Bedroom by Richard Parayno — because PWDO & UXPH held the first ever RemoteFFC and it was a roaring success! Read how our leads did it.
  • Help From Home, designed by And A Half Design Studio, is a growing directory of causes to support the hardest hit sectors during this pandemic quarantine, from families at risk to frontliners.
  • Citizens’ Budget Tracker, made by a whole army of volunteers, monitors how government funds are being spent to address the COVID-19 crisis.
  • I don’t even play Animal Crossing but all these custom clothing based on Philippine textiles of the different indigenous peoples are a fun thing to see.
  • Speaking of which, I’m really likin’ these face masks by Anthill Fabric Gallery, Rags2Riches x Earth, Too, and Risqué Designs — zero waste fabric, handmade, native weaves. But this custom one by Jodinand Aguillon wins.
  • As a school paper kid in both high school and college, this front page by The Pole, Western Bicutan National High School, warms my soul.
  • Kimi no Na wa drawn Pinoy Komiks style by Jether Amar.
  • Brutalist architecture around town.
  • Philippine government agency logos, but make ’em fashion, by Gino Lumpas.
  • Letra by Jaye Hernandez teaches you a new word when you open a new tab (Google Chrome).
  • Image: these wallpapers featuring Philippine blooms and fruits by Cynthia Bauzon Arre are so pretty. (To do: get her notebooks.) Kapit lang!

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