Form Function & Class 7 web design conference 2016

The 7th Form Function & Class conference will be held on October 22 to 23, 2016 at the Hive Hotel in Quezon City, and you’re cordially invited to be part of it!


If last year we had a 50-50 speaker gender ratio, this year we actually have more ladies than gentlemen. If you pay attention to any tech gathering, local or abroad, that’s a rare pokémon right there.

We’ll also have a special panel (aside from the Q&A) on business & design with the likes of Jason Torres and Lindsey Grande. More details to come!


The Masterclass, which we introduced last year, returns to tackle performance and optimization, with Holger Bartel at the helm. Us organizers have wanted a deep dive on this for so long, so we’re glad it’s finally happening.

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Online and offline payment options are available, and take advantage of our special promos!

  • Student discounts for day one, day two, and 2-day tickets
  • Group discounts where you get 1 free ticket for 3 tickets purchased
  • Enter our raffle where you can win a ticket when you promote FFC
  • A couple more promos to be announced soon


Dear people who trivialize writing, design, & other things they don’t specialize in: it’s harder than it looks. (My interpretation of the Stack Fallacy)

In this era of “PTPA” and “credit to the owner” apparently it’s no longer necessary to ask permission before copy-pasting someone else’s work onto another site and just slapping an “Attribution” at the end. No link back in sight (and gasp, to think we’re on the Web), barely a clue as to how much effort was actually put in.

So to take some of that back, I’m gonna write about the site here. I dislike #humblebrags and tooting one’s own horn, but here’s a colophon:

Aceler did the branding, site design & development. The site was built over a weekend, in fact. As for the concept, while we’ve done specific themes over the past years…

…this year we’re going back to the roots of the conference name and doing something long-term.

The FFC7 site runs on Jekyll, Grunt, Sass, and GitHub pages. The typefaces are Acumin Pro for the headings and Inovato for the body (this one’s also created by Aceler, when are you gonna sell this?).

Design-wise, it’s constructivist-inspired (not brutalist) so the forms and colors are very in-your-face. Philosophically, the idea of the constructivist movement bringing about “artist-engineers” is just about the right way to describe web design & development too. (Downside: since this is a very text-based, typographic look, we’re at a disadvantage with Facebook ads because they favor a maximum of 20% text on images only.)

Word-wise, I wrote the copy for most of the pages. Ely made the original version of the Convince Your Boss page. Mae answered several FAQs. Speaker bios are from our lovely speakers.

Oh and did you notice that barring 3rd-party plugins, no JavaScript was used? Yes, it’s possible to make a site in 2016 without JS ;)

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