<form> function() & .class 6 web design conference 2015

This year’s FFC6 turns last year’s theme on its head and focuses on the “evils” and “villains” in design that need to be eliminated, all while sporting a new logo and original typeface.

Design may be super-hot right now, but a lot of misconceptions and bad habits remain, so FFC6 is our battlecry to rally against those things in a sort of Rebel Alliance-y, Mockingjay-esque fashion.

If you believe in the power of good design to build your business, be sure to register for our conference coming this November 14 and learn from Brad Frost (Atomic Design, Superfriend.ly), Rachel Nabors (Tin Magpie, Web Animation Weekly), Holger Bartel (foobartel, Open Device Lab Hong Kong), James Cabrera (Refinery29), Angela Chua (Toffeenut Design), & Angela Obias (Priority Studio). Not only am I excited to learn from these talented, amazing people, I’m glad that we finally achieved a balanced male-to-female speaker ratio.

So Form Function & Class 6 is a one-day affair, but on the 15th we’re holding a special Masterclass on Responsive Design & Atomic Design thanks to Brad Frost, so don’t miss that either!

For more details, you can check out our pages: Convince Your Boss, Press Release, FAQ and register now!

Form Function & Class 6 web design conference speakers

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