<form> function() & .class 5 – our most ambitious web design conference yet

Six years into this crazy, bumpy ride that is the Philippine Web Designers Organization and the quest to create a web design conference in this country, we’re actually still here! And holding the 5th <form> function() & .class already!

Form Function & Class 5 icon

“What does the S stand for?”
“It’s not an S. On the World Wide Web, adding a 5 next to HTML is a pretty big deal. It means hope.”
“Well, it looks like an S too. How about…super.”

(Not how we came up with this year’s theme, or maybe in one of the 52)*

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of inviting the most talented web designers and developers on stage, but FFC 2014 just got supercharged, with the likes of John Allsopp, Jina Bolton, Eric Clark Su, Sacha Greif coming this November 8. It may be a one-day affair, but with a lineup like that, there will be plenty to digest.


You can buy early bird tickets now! This rate ends in less than a month’s time; while student discounts are available with our partner organizations, UST TomasinoWeb (loyalty award guys?), Ateneo GRIDS, and La Salle Computer Society. We’ve also partnered with UX Philippines for a joint ticket discount that gets you into both our conferences on back-to-back Saturdays!

So head over to our spiffy website and join us for FFC 5! (You’ll meet those two caped crusaders in the following weeks.) We wrote you an invitation, made a press release, and put together banners, so start spreading the good word.

Register now!

* Marvel is where it’s at right now, so I’m trying to balance it out with some DC until FFC. But seriously, watch Legends of Tomorrow you guys!

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