Elitist geek haters vs. emo jologs Friendsters (Twitter vs. Plurk)

Elitist geek haters vs. emo jologs Friendsters (Twitter vs. Plurk)


Warning: comparing Twitter and Plurk is messy. Both are different things to different people, and unless these people agree to disagree the debate will never end.

Here’s my response to The Death of Plurk and the comments on it. This is by no means comprehensive, just lengthy enough to be a standalone post.

Does it matter to you?

Things like API and portability of updates matter to some people, but to others they may not. Several web services have managed to extract Plurk feeds anyway, so at least it’s kind of portable. (Yay?)

And people almost always adopt services because of the peers that surround them. I’ve called several Pinoy tweeple elistist geek haters, and they’ve called Pinoy plurkers the emo, jologs, Friendster crowd. You decide if it’s stereotyping or truth.

I like that Plurk is compassionate, generous, festive, lets you embed images and video, does not require http:// for URLs, and yes, has hardly any elitist geek haters on it. I like that Twitter is cute, flexible, and inspirational. So what features matter to you?

There is crap on both Twitter and Plurk

Now onto the negatives. Both are imperfect and have things that add no value whatsoever, even detract from them. These are what particularly irk me:

  • Inane replies, ranging from interjections like “nerd!” to acronyms and smileys.
  • @replies directed to a single person without context whatsoever on Twitter.
  • Spam (ugh, Be-A-Magpie).
  • And of course the phishing scams.

People tend to see nothing but the bad in things, but their overall experience really depends on how they use the services.

Fix it yourself

I’m not very fond of conversations on Twitter, not without threaded replies at least. I avoid doing it even if other people do.

I’m not very fond of updating Plurk every 4 hours just to keep karma from falling. I don’t plurk as much even if other people do.

I don’t see how you can’t improve your Plurk or Twitter experience by avoiding the things that irk you:

  • Unfollow people who encourage nonsense. Or elitism. Or hate.
  • Use better clients (but to me, Plurk isn’t Plurk without the horizontal timeline).
  • Use Plurk or Twitter less often (so they go down less often).

To each his own. Get rid of the herd mentality and do as you please, or get out.

I don’t hate Twitter. It’s inspiring.

Yes, I’ve let it all go. Just thought I’d macroblog it. Wink.

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  2. Oo nga naman, to each his own. Some people just have to make a big deal out of it (“Twitter vs Plurk” hullabaloo). I like Twitter and Plurk for two very different reasons, I post on each whenever I want and it’s really not a big deal.

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  3. “To each his own. Get rid of the herd mentality and do as you please, or get out.”

    Hehe, I really don’t think there was ever any argument that individual users will have individual preferences. That’s a given, and it’s beside the point. The motivation behind writing my death-knell entry was the observation that Plurk usage is going nowhere, and trying to figure out the reasons for the stagnation. Remember that there were quite a few people who loved Pownce as well, but that fact alone wasn’t enough to keep it alive.

    I realize that it’s difficult to discuss the apparent demise of someone’s favorite web toy without fostering a negative vibe, but I do think it’s possible to look at the facts as presented and come to a similar conclusion.

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    • I realize that this post steered away from the points you made in your post, which were insightful and far less demeaning to Plurk than the ones I’ve read.

      But I wanted to comment on the “versus” mentality and comparisons that keep coming up.

      I know you can’t help comparing Plurk with Twitter or Pownce for their “micro” characteristics, but I hope that other people also realize how they’re also different, and just stop with the name-calling and acting like they’re better than everyone else just because they’ve chosen one service over another. (Which is what I meant by elitism, by the way.)

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      • I think that you need to accept that there will always be petty and obnoxious people online, no matter how eloquently you may prevail on them to stop. It is in our nature to be clique-ish and protective of the things we love. Likewise, it is the nature of the Internet to exaggerate the way we express our feelings. (The wide-open medium encourages a slightly more primitive vocabulary — everyone can understood you when you say “emo jologs,” but probably not “lachrymose pleb.”) Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change that.

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  4. I didn’t know that plurk is (only?) famous in the Philippines just like friendster :o So that’s why a lot of friendster people are joining plurk now, eh?

    And uhm, I remember when my twitter friends abandoned their twitter to join plurk. LOL Most of my twitter friends are pinoys :D

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  5. Semi-OT: I’ve noticed an upsurge in Plurk usage among international fandom (at least, LJ/Journalfen/InsaneJournal fandom). Whereas… Twitter didn’t really “stick” for a lot of us. So — yes, just to echo your point about it being what the service is used for, and what the end user really needs.

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  6. Happy New Year Ia! :) I don’t use any of the two.. so I can’t relate. Haha

    Btw, there’s going to be a CS 06 lunch out this coming tuesday. I texted you the details. Hope you can come. :) Miss ko na kayo hehe

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  7. Plurk may indeed be famous among Filipinos but we are not the majority there. I don’t know why twitter lovers are now making it appear that Plurk is like the slums. I use both services but I find twitter more difficult to follow. With Plurk, at least I dont feel like I’m talking to the air.

    For those who hate the timeline interface, there’s Plurker which lets you see plurks AND comments from your desktop.

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  9. I’ve read an article a few months back about comparing plurk and twitter. It doesn’t really matter because this comparison will greatly depend on the end-users. For most middle-aged users, they prefer twitter, coz it’s not too techy. For youngsters, plurk is way better. I belong to the latter. :)

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