“Sorry na po, sorry na po…tama na…tama na po…”

“Hindi nila kami kilala! Sabihin mo nga sa kanila kung sino ako!”

“Nakakahiya kayo. Singkwenta’y sais anyos ang tatay ko. And kapatid ko kakatorse anyos. Anong ilalaban nila sayo?”

“Tatandaan kita!”

“Maam, umalis na po kayo, may mga baril sila…Maam…umalis na po kayo please…”

Friday, December 26, 2008. Bambee dela Paz and her family had an encounter with a father-son political tandem on the golf course. They ended up beating her father and brother. (More links here: Ade Magnaye’s plurk and Noemi Dado’s blog)

At around 1:30 PM today, at Valley Golf and Country Club, Antipolo City, Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., Mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur, his father, Secretary Nasser Pangandaman of the Department of Agrarian Reform, and company, beat my defenseless 56-year-old dad and my 14-year-old brother to a pulp because of some stupid misunderstanding on the golf course.

The world has gone crazy. by Bambee dela Paz

Politicians tend to have this twisted sense of entitlement and propensity to violence once they get sworn into office. It’s the money, the fame, the power.

But you are public servants, not rock stars. You were elected into office because we, the people, were somehow convinced that you are capable of steering the country in a better direction. Mauling people just because you were wronged in some petty way is not part of your job description. Nor is it an excuse to display the power put into your hands by us, the people.

Look, we all crave for the money, the fame, the power. We all feel deprived and deserving of a better life, whether as citizens of a third-world country or a receding global economy.

But you are not gods among humans. You and I are mere specks in the universe.

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  14. I have spoken my own thoughts about this issue in my own blog, but I will post a few choice selections here.

    I believe that fighting broke out at the Valley Golf Club among the Pangandaman group and the Dela Paz group. I also believe that weapons were brought into the fray, and that blood was spilled. But I do not believe that we are hearing the whole truth about this incident.

    Because of the backlash that was generated by the Bambee dela Paz blog, the Pangandamans are hard put to defend themselves against a tidal wave of animosity and disgust from all sides. But the pieces of the puzzle are not yet complete, and we must realize that there are always two sides to every story. We are quick to complain and condemn, even before seeing the whole picture.

    Oftentimes, we find it easier to believe the words of a pretty lass rather than the protestations of adult men. In this particular case, we must choose between believing the accusations of a girl student athlete or the denials of a politician and a government official. Who do you think will be more believable?

    In an effort to present a more accurate view (perhaps) of what really transpired during that fateful day at the Valley Golf Club, I have created a page in my blog which aims to share some information I have gathered from a separate website. I ask you to read the transcript carefully, and then to make your own conclusions regarding this issue.

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  17. Quite strong words you got their buddy. I do share the same sentiments. They all play their own Godfather – Mafia connives thinking they are superior to anyone. This is why I don’t vote.

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