When GMA Resigns…

Edit (12/15/08): Obama won. But will GMA resign?

When Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Resigns...

Let me first say that I’m far from leftist. In fact, I don’t enjoy dipping my toes into the murky pool of politics any given day. And I’m not really sure why I picked programming over sleeping, even if I love sleep more than most things in the world, and I don’t like programming that much.

Or maybe I forgot how much I liked it, how it is so much more enjoyable when you finally make things work, no matter how long it took, because there is no deadline looming anywhere near. And the headache is bearable because you manage to create something to satisfy a want.

So. When GMA Resigns… takes its cue from the When Obama Wins meme. It, however, extracts messages not from Twitter but from Plurk, not via the Plurk API (which is nonexistent but has an unofficial proxy for now) but via the feed of a single thread.

This doesn’t mean much except that:

  1. Obama or GMA, the “when” instead of “if” is intentional. Obviously.
  2. I wanted to build something where it was easiest to penetrate the market. Plurk is so popular with Filipinos that Tagalog/Filipino was one of the first few languages to show up as alternatives.
  3. Because I’m using feeds, I could add Twitter to the mix or even search the blogs, but we’ll see first. I’m not as influential as Kottke, nor as viral as Obama.
  4. Also, this is an anti- (rather than a pro-) site, so all the negative energy—despair, apathy, hate—could be counterproductive.

If you have a Plurk account, please reply to this message. And if you don’t, get one now!

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