The Blog and Soul Movement: Philippine Blogging as Media

So many people have talked about how blogging has become so big in the Philippines that we’re getting recognized globally for it. Let’s see how much we’ve progressed:

  • Blogging summit: iBlog
  • Blog meetup: Blog Parteeh
  • Blog awards ceremony: Philippine Blog Awards (Does CandyMag’s count?)
  • Local blogging platform:
  • Local blog ranking system:
  • Philippine blog network: Bayanihan Blog Network
  • Blog overlords in charge of international blog networks
  • A-list bloggers being tapped as product/service endorsers
  • Blogging organizations: UP Bloggers Circle (Does Pinoy Bloggers Society count? I wonder about this. Why hasn’t forming an organization about blogging caught on?)
  • Blog tourism: PinoyCentric, Vista Pinas, Project Manila

The Blog and Soul Movement looks like an addition to all of the above. Brainchild of Jayvee Fernandez, the movement aims to transform blogging into a reputable arm of Philippine media. From the looks of it, Blog and Soul is finding ways to accommodate bloggers so they can cover events traditional media would have effortless access to.

By access I mean press IDs and and an actual audience during the act of reportage. Not all bloggers can get into certain events and not all bloggers can be considered reliable sources of information simply because they aren’t considered “the media”.

One event demonstrating this, a cosplay photoshoot, turned out better than expected. (Edit: This shoot is not part of the movement but it still is closely related to the concept.) This is definitely a good sign and a great inspiration for future events.

Few people have actually stepped out of their comfortable shell and asked, “how can I make other Pinoy bloggers penetrate mainstream media”? Jayvee has, and thank goodness he did.

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  1. actually, the cosplay shoot isn’t really a part of the blog and soul movement although i had wanted it to be. though this would have been an issue on semantics i wouldnt want people to come on false pretenses that it was “for blog and soul pala” but still, id want to encourage more events like these :)

    thank you for writing about blog and soul :)

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  4. We are doing an exploratory-descriptive study of blogging as a medium of citizen journalism in the Philippines. i am hoping that some bloggers visiting this site may help us by answering our survey questionnaire.

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