A Quick Update on Real Life

I voted for the first time. It wasn’t a nightmare—nothing like UP enrollments or other UP activities that required lining up. It was quick and painless. Now if only the canvassing process were like that. FYI, my ballot had a lot of blanks.

I’m officially getting paid by someone else to blog at Gadzooki and Blog Tutorials. I’m not yet comfortable with sticking to a given topic under 300 words (my latest post was 700+ words!). I also find that this type of blogging is difficult. (E.g., I’ve never dished out unsolicited advice about HTML and CSS before.)

I’m tinkering with shopping carts and will soon have to figure out how to integrate payment gateways into them. My main gripe is their really horrible administration interfaces and even worse HTML construction (tables!).

I learned there will be no succeeding seasons for Gilmore Girls and Tsubasa Chronicle. The first one is due to the actors’ schedule conflicts and the second was just plain axed.

Taking a cue from our favorite show, the Daisy Campaign will physically deliver bouquets of daisies to important parties involved in the season 8 decision making process in hopes of changing the season 8 tides.

Gilmore Girls Great8Mandate

Very bittersweet. I need to find a Season 1-7 DVD set and wait for the Tsubasa manga to finish.

That’s it for now. Got work to do! Tata!

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  1. good for you. i have 3 kids (out of the 7) who are already qualified to vote, but did not for various reasons: frustration about the system, frustration about registration, and being too busy. i guess i need to convince them to register for 2010 elections. you, the youth, will shape up the future.

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  2. Garro, thanks!

    Sexy Mom, thank you also! I’m also very cynical about the process, but I went out and voted because I could. Sayang yung pagregister namin eh. Sayang yung boto.

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