Adobe CS3 Design Premium: The Unboxing Ceremony

Adobe CS3 Design Premium: The Unboxing Ceremony

Since a picture paints a thousand words, I’ll let it do the talking:

Adobe CS3 Design Premium

Just one short note: I once wrote that I had to choose between Design and Web Standard, for which I chose Design Standard, but Adobe sent me Design Premium, my ideal choice! I quickly asked Regnard about it and he said, “surprise!” It seems Noel Perlas got surprised himself! Thank you Regnard! Thank you Adobe!

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  2. Yeeeha! The long wait is finally over! :D

    Am doubly happy that you got the Premium edition. I remember you pointing at that in the media kit during the Adobe launch.

    Yesterday, I got good news. Today it’s you. W00t!

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  4. Noel, yes! It’s a very good thing, though, right? Congrats!

    Geo, can’t help it! This is a very expensive toy (or set of toys, actually). I must express the proportional amount of glee and gratitude. Haha. Thank you!

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