My First (and Unexpected) TLA Check

I never thought I’d blog about this, but I just received my first “problogging” check today! My dad handed over a letter envelope, saying it came from New York. I was shocked to see the Text Link Ads logo peeking through.

TLA Cheque

I’ve been earning a few dollars since October from exactly one text link ad on Qwerky, whose first birthday I forgot to celebrate but made up for with a redesign. Unlike Google AdSense, which pays publishers per ad click, TLA pays publishers per text link ad per month. However, you only get a text link ad and earn when an advertiser wishes to put one on your site and it is approved either by you or TLA. (For AdSense, publishers can put up ads anytime they want.)

These are just some of the differences between the two site monetization schemes, but as of now it is also important to note that Google has recently declared war against text link ads of any sort, as well as acquired one of the biggest online advertising companies. Scary times, but I’m siding with TLA on this one. Can you spell monopoly? Besides, I’ve earned squat with AdSense (unlike him) and text links are less obtrusive and more ethical.

FYI, the shock came from the fact that I didn’t explicitly order the check to be sent, although I neglected to change the minimum payout threshold, which I surpassed. The second although pleasant surprise was that the check didn’t disappear along the way.

I can now reluctantly declare myself as a problogger, no matter how measly the sum I got!

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