UP Bloggers’ Circle Formed!

Breaking news! BA, brother of J, has previously proposed to form a blogging org for UP. Now it’s here, in the form of an egroup. Just goes to show how easy it is to implement an idea via the Web.

I jumped right in even though I’m no longer officially with UP. (I still live here, though, so maybe that could count.)

I hope UP ACM revitalizes its SIGBLOG, which is basically our blog!

I also hope I hadn’t missed the third Philippine blogging summit since I’ve been to the past two ones and met the likes of JAngelo there—and see how that turned out!

Nevertheless, it looks like this will be an interesting summer.

Okay, minor comment: Blogger’s Circle? Bloggers’ Circle? Bloggers Circle? Which one is best? I know several orgs that have a similar name format to that and sometimes correctly spelling the name becomes a problem. Just a heads up. Update (11:09 PM): It’s now Bloggers’ Circle (apostrophe at the end). Still tricky though—we shall see!

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