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UP Blogger’s Circle Meetup

BA, Marielle, Noel, J (and his family), Phillip, Garro, and I met at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe (downstairs then moved upstairs) for the first offline meeting of the UP Blogger’s Circle last Friday.

‘Twas difficult coming up with a rigid plan with all our questions, but we all agreed we wanted an offline presence—otherwise we won’t be able to differentiate ourselves from the big kahuna that is Peyups. I don’t know if the rest of the members actually fathom the potential of blogging and its role in a university setting, but I certainly do, and I’m sure those who were present at the meeting did, too.

There’s supposed to be a meeting today, right now, but I’ve taken two working days off already (last Friday and yesterday) that I can’t afford to go out anymore, and therefore have to work today, Labor Day. (Happy Spiderman 3, too!)

Have you noticed? Exactly when these blogging org meetings are held, it rains! (It has not rained here since the start of the hottest summer ever.)

“Creative Geeks”

Can’t think of any other title! Anyway, Garro, Phillip, and I met with Mia (long lost childhood friend!) later in the afternoon. We were brainstorming over some project (secret!) and throwing opinions around. Mostly about how pathetic Garro’s chauvinist quips were (maybe because he wasn’t prepared for meeting an offline Mia for the first time!), not the online discussions of bliss and haffinesh (2). You know what, though? College life and its orgs were not an excuse for me. They were opportunities in which I could apply myself and what I really wanted to do. I’ve been “forging armor and training horses” from the get-go, ever since I’ve discovered the beauty of extracurriculars. That’s what they’re good for: honing what you really love. If your org doesn’t do that for you, better leave it immediately.

#70 on Ratified

Ratified ranks Philippine blogs according to several statistics from Technorati and FeedBurner. Can’t believe I’m number 70!

Pinoy Web 2.0 Roundup

Basang Panaginip has a roundup of Web 2.0 activity in the Philippines, including our kababayans who have made their mark as probloggers and netrepreneurs. I’ve also been gathering a list of Web 2.0 applications made by Filipinos, (mostly) for Filipinos so I’ll be posting that one soon!

Philippine Sites Need to Be Registered?

Finally, another sign this country has gone to the dogs—dull, bamboozling, greedy mongrels to be exact. The Philippine National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is going to require online content registered (read: charged and regulated) as value-added services.

If approved, the NTC will charge a PHP 300 filing fee per application and PHP 6,000 for the first five services registered. Small change for a multinational but way out of reach for the great majority of Pinoy bloggers.

“The NTC said the draft was designed to protect consumers from sudden service rate increases and to promote healthy competition among industry players.”


How many of the NTC officials who came up with this (insert expletive) are bloggers? Bloggers who get it? Sudden service rate increases for what, my blog posts? Healthy competition? Isn’t that why problogging has boomed (and worsened) because the Web is an equal-opportunity playing field for earning money? Industry players? It sounds like the Web has suddenly turned into this boring virtual corporate wasteland.

I love the Web industry because it’s an undefined, unpredictable mass shaped by all of us online. Don’t let another stupid government head ruin this, please.

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  1. Hah! A lot of officials are idiots. I’ll wager someone somewhere is going to be making a lot of money off this new requirement. Re: idiocy, it’s sad that they’re in the majority, since there are some good people in government except nobody wants (or has the capacity) to acknowledge their existence.

    Also –why should anyone be prepared for meeting me offline? I think I am very civil. When the situation merits it.

    …Haha. XD

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  2. Tweety, really? Haha, I guess updated right after I wrote that bit.

    Yup, I pity the good guys in the gov’t. Yes, I believe you are very civil! He wasn’t, though! Harharhar! ^^

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  3. If your org doesn’t do that for you, better leave it immediately.
    –total agreement :D

    I was definitely unprepared. XP hence the description of her on a recent comment on my blog. (go look for it hahaha :P)

    imo the NTC thing is a very good place/venue for something like the UPBC and other offline-meetup-blog-groups-blabla to use their collective voice.

    I suddenly have a need for armor. agh.

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  4. Why wasn’t I informed about that meeting? Man, I’m looking something to do outside work (office)… hehehe

    Relax ia-chan. But I really don’t understand why a registration is required for Philippine sites… but on the positive note, that means that there are a lot of good Pinoy bloggers/writers out there. =)

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  5. Garro:
    – Yeah, and that goes for the blogging org as well.
    – (turns to Mia) See? I knew it!
    – I already posted the NTC issue there. I hope somebody reacts; it’ll be a test of how they value the “org”, too.

    – I blogged about the egroup so you should’ve joined! You should bloghop more ;)
    – Yes, it’s true that it is a sign that the gov’t. is starting to notice the online scene (yeah right), but how can one not feel doomed about how they’re going to manipulate and twist this to their narrow understanding of the whole thing? Ew.

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  6. @Garro: Which blog? Tabulas or LJ? Entry or comment? (I’m thinking “harbinger of doom,” haha.)

    @Ia: Heehee. Oh, btw, we’re going to push through with the creative meet-ups thing?

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  7. P.S. Now that I think about it, the legal ramifications of what the NTC proposes to do are a little iffy. I maaaay do more research on it (i.e. ask my mother’s IPR lawyer friends) if I have time.

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  8. Hehe yeah I don’t blog hop that much. :P

    Well you can contact Studio23 regarding this topic. Y-speak? Or the BLOG show? I can ask a friend to raise this to those shows if you can send me a proposal or the like. I’m sure there’s a lot of bloggers out there who will definitely hate this policy.

    Btw, I’m scheduled for a ********** ultrasound next week. Pray for me. I need it. I’ll write about it when everything is crystal clear.

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  9. NTC boo! Hmm, if my dad’s friend is still the top honcho (or close to that) of the NTC, maybe we can try to convince ’em. :P I remember when my old ISP wanted to charge me for a hacked account (something like 300 hours in 3 days, durr), a short letter from the NTC got them disciplined, hehehe.

    congrats on the ratified thang. it’s terrifying to think that Stellify’s a few months old *shivers*

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  10. Woot! Daming comments!

    Mia: Sure, I just don’t want to set the date. You guys do that.

    Geo: Let’s see if the NTC actually implements it first. Nobody understands it yet! Oh, and good luck with your checkup. :(

    Corsarius: Thanks. Linkbait!!

    JJ: Oo nga! Too darn silly. But as I said, let’s see how this one turns out.

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