Google Material Design kit by Manual

Five months ago I lusted over the gorgeous packet they handed out at this year’s design-focused Google I/O, so it was a wonderful surprise to get my hands on it, thanks to Chelle!

I could try to photograph it, but you’re better off looking at shots from the designers themselves, San Francisco-based studio Manual.

Google Material Design kit by Manual

Our concept was to reinterpret the graphic language of Material Design and present it in a reductive and physical way. The kit communicates a set of intentions and design principles through abstract visual postcards. Special attention to print and production details bring the principles to life. Also contained in the kit is a functional sketchbook that provides different UI templates for interface designers to sketch ideas during the conference workshops.


This is Material Design

The concepts of Google’s new design philosophy were also discussed at Form Function & Class 5* by Silas Reyes, whom we were fortunate to have over from Mountain View.

The interface is a welcome refresh on my mobile device, despite a couple of gripes I have (I miss KitKat’s multiple lock screens, LED notifications in silent mode must return, and the WiFi settings screen freezes a lot). The colors may be a little too much for most people, but it’s totally up my alley.

Material Design on screen and on paper
Material Design on screen and on paper

* Still deciding whether I should do a post-FFC entry.

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