Best Designed Filipino Blogs for 2006 Announced!

Basang Panaginip, the highly controversial blog that brought us The Sexiest Filipino Bloggers, The Sexiest Filipina Bloggers, and The World’s Most Photorealistic Vector Art have come up with a new list: the Best Designed Filipino Blogs for 2006.

I was shocked to find out that Michael dropped by to tell me I was on the list. The awards are no Philippine Webbies*, but my respect (or awe) for that award-giving body has started to erode a long time ago (here’s Mia’s story).

I’ve listed the winners here, but you should visit Basang Panaginip’s entry for visual proof. (Which means you’re under a rock and you haven’t heard of these people, much less visited their kickass sites before.)

Best use of contrast, eh? To me that means they appreciated how I used black. Wai!

But beyond basking in awe (a. that they called me Sophie; b. Caterina Fake! Avalonstar! Rebelpixel! Can you say webstarstruck?) and l33tness, I’m thankful I have a few more Filipino greats to add to my list. Of what? Shhh!

* I know I’ve read sites from around the world that use “webbys”. The proper way to pluralize a word ending in Y preceded by a consonant is to use -ies. Adding an S is used for vowels preceding Y’s. (This grammar lesson is brought to you by The Obsessive-Compulsive Grammar Police, me.)

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