Stellify (v.) to change into a ★

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I’m an independent consultant on web design and front-end development for a number of organizations here and abroad. See how we can work together ›

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Lifetime hypertext poem homepage.

I’m co-founder of the Philippine Web Designers Organization and the pioneering <form> function() & .class conference, where we’re running events, community building, and mentoring. I’ve also done talks, filterblogs, themes, & other projects ›

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Accessibility mindreset

Believe me, I feel you. I won't deny that my own site is imperfect. But the least we can do is change our mindset and approach it from helpfulness rather than detached compliance.

A crisis much more than climate

A link has been stickied to the corner of my site since last year, and I don't think I'll take it down anymore because there's always a new one — a mirror of the quote.

I’ve been electronically geeking out about these things since 2006. See what else I’ve been up to on my blog ›

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