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I’m an independent consultant on web design and front-end development for a number of organizations here and abroad. See how we can work together ›

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Lifetime hypertext poem homepage.

I’m co-founder of the Philippine Web Designers Organization and the pioneering <form> function() & .class conference, where we’re running events, community building, and mentoring. I’ve also done talks, filterblogs, themes, & other projects ›

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A crisis much more than climate

A link has been stickied to the corner of my site since last year, and I don't think I'll take it down anymore because there's always a new one — a mirror of the quote.

Bagsakan, iv

“Bagsakan” (“drop”) comes from the bonafide bop by Parokya ni Edgar, Francis Magalona, and Gloc-9. An extremely versatile term and especially relevant in this edition.

Purchasing Power Parity

We need a continuous, sustained conversation around areas of inequality that can be improved, need to be improved. Some are more difficult than others, but for the Web, its DNA is to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. Parity is another way to manifest that.

I’ve been electronically geeking out about these things since 2006. See what else I’ve been up to on my blog ›

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