Excuse this post; I am currently experimenting with new posts to re-create a borked post permalink in the previous post. It may have something to do with having edited my category IDs in phpMyAdmin, but as far as I know, I did it correctly (I set the AUTO_INCREMENT value of category_id to next category number as advised). Why did I have to edit the category IDs? Too OC.

From my experimentation I have also discovered that Private posts show up in RSS feeds (gasp!). But no, they don’t show up when you’re not logged in.

Anyway, I guess you’ll be seeing more of my WordPress (mis)adventures as this is an uber-uber customized blog. I’ll have a horrible time redesigning in the future.

EDIT (7:32 pm)
The permalink of this post right after publishing it isn’t borked like the previous post. Hm. Maybe because I re-published it. (It was previously a private post.) Arg.

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