Graphika Manila, International Multimedia Design Conference

Graphika Manila Poster

will be held on December 2, 2006 at the SM Mall of Asia Premiere Cinema, from 10 am to 7 pm. Speakers include Nico Puertollano (he was one of the judges for the first @rte Movement), Team Manila (I want to buy more of their stuff!), Inksurge, and a number of local and foreign graphic design talents.

I’m not that excited about it yet, or perhaps about conferences in general. They are not as effective because they always have to stick to the basics and keep it as simple as possible. Yes, mainstreamed. And in the Philippines, everything is dumbed down to an even sorrier notch and tangled up in hype. If a speaker isn’t capable of translating talent into words (and slides), it’d be hard to perceive.

But I’m delighted there are more and more conferences on “digital” stuff here in the country. Makes you feel like finally, you’re not as backwards as the first world nations. At least, when you’re in a poor country, the ticket prices are pretty cheap as well.

Visit for more information. They also have pretty posters and wallpapers if you’re not too fond of pure-flash (it takes away copy-pasting abilities, among other things!).

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