Intention- and Cloud- Watching

Intention- and Cloud- Watching


Intention Cloud

On this site, cloud-watching serves as the backdrop for hunting down that perfect search keyword, as Google or Overture give you a push in the right direction. Intention Cloud gives you a cloud of search phrases related to your keywords and a glimpse of what others have looked at.

The site’s soothing colors and illustrations remind me of Orisinal, sans the Flash. Of course, if there ain’t no Flash, there’s gotta be AJAX at least. It’s quite the catalyst to easily making web utilties like this. (That and RoR, but the visual effects of AJAX are easier to perceive and enjoy.) Plus, it’s comforting to see they’re talented not only in coding but in designing as well. Again, it’s easier to perceive and enjoy.


Although short of being full-blown weblications, Intention Cloud, along with WebSnapr, its kid Preview Bubble, and Try Ruby are just some of the interesting tools I’ve bumped into the past few days. They’re hardly venture capital gold mines but more like handicrafts the hobbyists would like to share to the world.

As you can see, not all of “Web 2.0” (if that is even proper to describe such niche sites) is about cashing in on the output.

Some totally unrelated foonote:

I heard a quote once that said, “Big companies take extraordinary people and make them do ordinary things. Startups take ordinary people and make them do extraordinary things.” I think the magic of Google comes from taking extraordinary people and letting them do extraordinary things. – Niniane Wang, who first learned LISP at 10 years old.

Oh, and Eskwela is now featuring a ton of new schools, including high schools. Still buggy (I am a “Student Forever”!), but it’s improving!

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  1. most of the ‘clean’ new sites i’ve been to are courtesy of your copy-pastes onto our YM conversation, but you didn’t mention this one to me, hehe. yes, it does remind me of ferry halim and orisinal! could it be that he drew this one?

    that ms. wang is a genius. i could just remember how we struggled with LISP in college.

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  2. I didn’t? How odd. :P I know, I should start a linkblog. Or is it a filterblog? (The latter would be harder to maintain!) I’d love to linkdump here, but I’m still thinking of an acceptable way to do it.

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  3. Hi ia, thanks for the support. By the way it’s not a bug,. you need to update your profile to be able to update this “Student Forever” thing. Go to edit profile and under the school tab you can change your graduation year. Thanks ulit. :D

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