What you give is what you get could be the spelled out version of an acronym that’s much catchier than “The Golden Rule.” And if I’d have to rename TotallyDeserved.com, I’d probably use that. (Hmm, WYGIWYG has potential; I wonder how to use it without being a copycat!)

I happen to be amused by sites such as Intention Cloud and Totally Deserved because it’s not really an ambitious exploit, just the type of website you need to get off your chest.* It lets you do that as well.

Pick a name, state your case, and send him/her a slap, pat, punch, kiss, or hug through the site. Nothing fancy; it’s somewhat meme-like and the creator compensates for the costs using trusty ol’ Adsense—as one would expect these days, perhaps to the dismay of web startup analysts out there, but who knows? The site is just a few steps away from a new-flavored social network! It’s community-driven content (how Web 2.0!) but the catch is you don’t have to be as righteous.

Curiously, all I’ve seen are pats on the back and slaps; no punches yet.

* November seems to be the month of registering new domains and launching new websites. You’ll see what I mean in a bit.

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  1. @Mia, Tweety: Haha. Well stick around to find out. Not sure if you can relate, though! :P

    (When I say “a bit” it usually takes longer. Oh, and I’ve just realized that November is CSS Reboot so naturally there will be “new” things. But anyway! You’ll find out soon enough.)

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