Don’t get a job.

Someone has listed ten reasons why, all radical, to say the least.

While I totally agree with his discussion on the following—

  1. Gaining experience: This is a major item on my things-I-think-about-at-night list. It’s been bugging me ever since I took a not-so-conventional job. In any case, I want to experience things and milk life for what it’s worth.
  2. Social brainwashing: It’s a conspiracy! Related to gaining experience, we have been conditioned, sculpted, and caged by our work.
  3. Risk, security, cowardice, freedom: You have a choice.

—the problem is clear to a number of people: finding a good job is tough, much less one that “works” even while you’re asleep. The rest may already know this, although only subconsciously.

It is also important to note how vital the Internet has been in his case, as it was through his website he has earned millions (if it were all converted to pesos). It would be hard to imagine a scenario much more feasible than tapping this a vast, free-for-all, two-way resource. The closest you can get is an entrepreneurial gig. But the Web still has a different vibe, which some VCs haven’t understood yet. (Someone tell me why VCs in the Philippines prefer tangible startups over web-based ones.)

Not everything’s picture perfect, but when you learned how GoogTube was acquired for 1.65 billion dollars, or remain shocked to this day about it, you know somebody did something right on the Web.

But I digress. He is Steve Pavlina and his article is entitled 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job.

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