The UP Department of Computer Science Holds Its First Alumni Homecoming

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Twenty-six years since its creation, the UP Diliman Department of Computer Science (DCS) is finally holding an alumni homecoming on the 24th of February 2007 at its new home, the College of Engineering Library and Computer Science Building. (FYI, that building is right in front of National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS) and the College of Science Library and Administration building.) Registration starts at 3, while the program will begin at 4pm.

You can read the invitation letter from Prof. Evangel Quiwa that’s been passed around to the alumni in Sir Rom’s blog. Actually, there are two more versions of the invitation letter: one reiterated by the Department Chair, Dr. Cedric Festin, and another detailing of a very special surprise for the Department’s most-loved teacher—guess who! (I’ve already mentioned him here!)

If you haven’t registered yet, better do it soon! Here are the latest details on registration and payment for the event (dated January 5):

P 400.00 if reserved by the end of the year and paid by the end of January 2007;
P 500.00 if bought by the end of January 2007;
P 600.00 if bought in February.

All you have to do is to reserve and to get the discounted rates (before February) is to send an e-mail to [email protected]

…The tickets for the homecoming will be out late next week. For those who would like to pay prior to the release of the tickets, you have two options:

(1) Direct payment to Mila Ramos at the CS Department
(2) Bank deposit to Philippine National Bank
Account Number: 275-830501-8
Account Name: Diliman Computer Science Foundation

Please email your name, number of tickets, date, amount and transaction number (first line of the machine validation) of the deposit slip to [email protected]

Upon availability, tickets may be claimed from Mila Ramos during office hours at the CS Department. Alternatively, you can get it on the homecoming itself. In any case, you need to show the receipt for option (1) and deposit slip containing the transaction number for option (2).

For registration inquiries, please email [email protected]

It’s barely been a year since we’ve stepped out of the Department, so it should still be relatively comfortable coming home. I can’t believe that just last year we were in a frenzy of events, from music video making (tara na, CS tayo!) to geeking out to newspaper publishing to partying and to excelling over and over again.

If you aren’t too excited about this event, realize at least that your Department will always be waiting for you to come home and give back.

Update: Official writeups at the WuzzUP blog. Even better, DCS t-shirts come with every ticket purchase!

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