Turns One 2005

I am a stickler for remembering what happened to me exactly one year ago, and if need be, the year before that, the year before that, and so on. Case in point: September 28.

Last year, particularly last November 22, officially resolved to the Filcode nameservers and appeared on the web. (Not for the first time, though.)

Perpetually in Pre-Release

(That’s one of the taglines I made for Qwerky.)

I slapped on a “coming soon” splash screen promptly, but it took forever to replace. It would take a while before I start my very “first” blog, Qwerky, notebook of the weirdest Web 2.0 names. Stellify also proved to be a useful host for different projects, mostly school-related (sampa02/stringed, CSS, CSN, Lifetime, p^3) at first. Then I was coerced into making a site for two. I also placed my first freelance web design stint for the year at Stellify (GCHS).

Then it was time to face the inescapable.

I had to deal with what the main page of Stellify was supposed to contain. It took too many months to resist and decide that I wanted to act on the dilemma, much less come up with a design for it. Reluctance seemed to perfectly describe my condition: I was too busy with school and (mostly) extracurriculars. Was I going to have time when I was already swamped, yet thrilled, by everything else I was involved in that wasn’t mine and mine alone? 2006I finally gave in, maybe because by then the other things were gone. I started slaving over an uber-customized WordPress installation that fit my needs: a blog, a stash of sites I’ve made, feeds from the rest of my world, and a huge links page. You can read more about the current version in the portfolio entry for Stellify.


Stellify is an obscure verb. I think we picked it up when we were brainstorming for this marketing congress we joined last year. The product/service we were marketing was called Sinfinity and we came up with a campaign featuring the infinite number of s-verbs we could do with it. Sinfinity is a glorified version of our thesis, HAMSTER.

Stellify literally means “to turn into a star.” You can read more about the word stellify in the page I put up about it: Stellify.

New Year’s Resolutions

(According to the stellific calendar, that is.)

Stellify is pretty much a decentralized network. I’m used to making microsites with different layouts for each, with sampa02 as my primary example. But I do have to present all my sites and the rest of the links I want to share much more tastefully. (That’s tricky if you try to stick to an 800px fixed width, which people don’t care for these days since they choose 1024px for its “wider” convenience. Even trickier if you don’t want a blocky layout.)

I also need to resolve a few more things: aside-blogging (temporarily addressed by “latest find” on the sidebar), the never-ending list of WordPress quirks, and the projects I dream of running. Because, yeah, I’m starting to get swamped with other things that don’t belong to me again. A portfolio update is in order, too.

I just hope it won’t take almost another year to do so.

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