Mainstream media website? Use a WordPress theme

Update (09/15/10): The New Philippines Free press is up.

Update (07/26/10): now runs WordPress, but per, it returns a lot of missing pages and database error messages.

Philippines Free Press using a generic WordPress theme

Here’s a thought: news sites should take a page out of the Philippines Free Press and use WordPress themes instead.

I’m not entirely serious here, because it’s yet another example of how pathetic Philippine websites are, from the highest office in government to mainstream media.

PFP takes the cake: who takes a site live with a default About page, an Uncategorized category, and blank featured images? Apparently its proud “modifier”, I wonder if they even thought of with scalability with running WordPress on a supposedly high-profile, high-traffic site.

However, its theme, Bueno by WooThemes, displays content that is far more readable and well-designed that most news sites I’ve seen, so why not? Using a theme with little to no modification won’t help your brand, but neither will a shoddy, bland, “I’m a new site therefore I must appear as neutral as possible” design.

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