Fictional visual information

Complic Triangle - Nonsensical Infographics by Chad Hagen

Infographics is the new black these days. I keep saying that images are still the most portable means of sharing information on the web, and visualizations fall into this behavior. Memes too, of course, with The Oatmeal straddling both sides.

And then there’s Nonsensical Infographics, which throws the purpose of infographics out of the window.

The science of infographics is an interesting beast. Infographics’ level of success is always based on how much and how well they communicate their data—the classic form follows function. In this series, I reversed these roles—form is king and dictates what the infographic communicates. Welcome to the world of fictional visual information.

Chad Hagen

Discovered via 20×200, a site that sells art pieces for $20. I want a local site like that.

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