Iconatomy: Hollywood hybrids by George Chamoun

Instantly reminded me of these Age Maps but has that “built-in audience”: have you ever noticed how there’s a certain look the most popular Hollywood actors have, or how some of them look similar even though they aren’t related? The series Iconatomy by George Chamoun explains a lot. The whole showbiz machine seems to have a type.

“I think the concept of beauty has definitely been altered. We still have the same beauty ideals as before though, but today there is a wider range of what’s considered to be beautiful. And it gets wider and wider each day.”

Interview with George Chamoun by sssquare Magazine

You can order them as art posters, or fine art prints, and download digital versions in a pay-what-you-want setup. I’d love to see more in this edition, but for now I’ll have to make do with Totally Looks Like.

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