Debatables (In Grayscale)

“Piece of Crap”

A phrase I’ve never heard to describe a Mac Book Pro. Outraged? Don’t look at me, go comment there. At least I got to discover Neil Young’s great song.

“You still deserve to die.”

Underpaid Lawyers

Have a look at the Lawyer Client’s Manifesto at Gaping Void. I always take a jab at lawyers, often at my dad (don’t ask), and I’m pretty jaded about them. Sorry, but I don’t really admire a large portion of them.

Regardless of the topic, though, Hugh McLeod never fails to amuse (“how DARE you love me… i must punish you…”) and inspire (learn how to be creative; it’s where you can find the famous Sex and Cash Theory).

“Is/Was That You?”

Age Maps

Like Gaping Void, I always admire how Information Aesthetics always serves up good stuff (maybe because you won’t usually find things like a color-by-numbers tower in this time zone)—together with Information Architecture, it’s one of those awesome topics I dream of learning and applying in real life someday. Exempli gratia: Age Maps are photos manipulations by Bobby Neel Adams that merge, through a torn effect in the middle of the face, a person’s young and old face.

Tinily eerie to look at, but it’s quite a revelation how one’s physical features—even the look and pose—remain, despite many decades of change.

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