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  • Procrastiworking explains so much about me.

    “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”

    Jessica Hische

  • My internal writing guide:
    • Periods after quotation marks. It’s weird but it makes more sense for me after writing online for a long time.
    • Emoji have not completely eclipsed my use of ASCII emoticons, especially the Japanese ones ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Throwing around unnecessarily complex words and jargon for the sake of ‘em speaks more about your insecurities than your intellect.
    • Buzzwords like “instagram-worthy” and “for millennials” are like nails scratching a chalkboard. Be more creative in getting people’s attention.
    • Singular “they” as gender-neutral pronoun.
    • For blockquote passages: Quotation marks wrapping the text; em dash (—) prefixing the citation; [publication] by [person].
    • Grammar is dead, and by that I mean language is a living, breathing, evolving creature. But if you say that grammar is optional or a matter of opinion, then I don’t think you understand why people need a basic framework to communicate clearly and properly.
  • Truncation is not a content strategy.Karen McGrane
  • My favorite color is blue; it’s like my happy place. But I don’t have a color I consider “ugly”. I’m a fan of hues, palettes, and gradients that most people would probably back away from. I do find, however, that some colors are harder to work with than others.
  • Favorite typefaces at different points in my life: Scriptina (used in my high school section site), Computer Modern (the LaTeX font), Segoe (despite not using Windows), Calluna Sans (this text!), and Balto (because of Vox videos).
  • GIF & REGEX are pronounced with a soft G.
  • As much as I possibly can, I try to find the OP and boost that particular post when liking and sharing on social media.
  • Asynchronous communication is better than synchronous communication. We’re big believers in asynchronous communication — write it down now and other people can absorb it later when they’re ready. Real-time communication in person or virtually forces synchronization of schedules which is highly inefficient.Basecamp
  • #ThisIsHowIWork:
  • Anti-stress. Anti-lack of sleep.
  • Being a snob or a prejudiced person makes you an unreliable narrator, and you shouldn’t be trusted. A snob is anybody who takes a small part of you, and uses that to come to a complete vision of who you are.Alain de Botton
  • If your socializing vocabulary consists mainly of “you got fat”, “you look tired”, “you should smile”, or “you need to relax”, I will take that to mean that there is hardly any kindness (or intelligence, really) in you.
  • If you unironically use any of the UI vs UX or Design vs Experience memes floating around the internet when you talk about User Experience, I cannot take you seriously as an expert in your profession.
  • Same for that Peter Griffin blinds CSS meme. Putting the correct one here because it’s so hard to find. (Source.)
  • Also, titles are misleading.
  • Everyone exercises creativity to arrive at a solution, not just “creatives”.
  • Design is giving a damn.
  • Kids should not be underestimated just because they’re younger. They’re smarter than most people give them credit for, and I’ve seen so many people who do not pay attention or appreciate what they do.
  • Corollary: being older doesn’t automatically give you the right to demand respect. You have to actually be respectable to earn respect.
  • Revenge Bedtime Procrastination. Enough said.
  • No hello (dot com, dot net).
  • They’re Filipino languages, not dialects.
  • How you innovate matters.

    “If it’s inaccessible to the poor it’s neither radical nor revolutionary.”

    Jonathan Herrera

*Backronyms. See what I did there?

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