How to emphasize things on the internet

As told in the time-honored tradition of the Listicle format, with GIFs. Although you may not take this seriously, as a citizen of the Internet I like keeping tabs on these weird meta things.


Easiest and most blunt, the virtual equivalent of shouting.

Squidward caps lock reaction gif
No need to yell.

StIcKy CaPs

(A) Attempt to cutesify all caps. Combined with text speak, this has also devolved into Jejespeak. (B) Also recently combined with a Spongebob image to convey a mocking tone.

Derpy Ramona Flowers and Scott Pilgrim
Herp Derp.


Convention to indicate boldface.

Batman The Brave and the Bold


Convention to indicate italics or underlines.

Leaning tower of Pisa
<i>Tower of Pisa</i>

Disclaimer: Markdown syntax is slightly different.


Another way to indicate italic.

Trivia: Conan uses a picture of Slash for his Fan Corrections URL

“Quotation marks”

For those who misunderstood what quotes are supposed to do.

Joey Tribbiani air quotes
“Not using it right, Joe.”


(A) to provide estimates; (B) to denote something fancy or sarcastic; or (C) to draw things out in a sing-song voice. More research from Buzzfeed & /r/outoftheloop.

Fancy Pusheen
Is the tilde supposed to mimic the upper-crusty ‘stache?

~*~Asterisks with tildes~*~

Fancy *and* sparkly.

Fancy Pusheen on a Unicorn
With 100% more magical stuff.


To hint at what you’re humblebragging about, or for when you’ve run out of characters for your tweet.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

Capitalized Words

To carry the same air of importance that Proper Nouns have.

Jaden Smith
Why Else Do You Think Jaden Smith Does This?


To carry the same air of importance that acronyms have.

Ward from Agents of SHIELD
Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division.


To spell it out for you very slowly.

Hollaback Girl
This sh*t is…

S P A C E D   O U T   L E T T E R S

To emulate the Vaporwave A E S T H E T I C (ironically or not). Or to practice some nice whitespaced tracking.

Vaporwave aesthetic gif by Metamphetabear
Super trippy.


Words. Separated. By. Periods.

To enunciate or speak in stunted sentences.

Frozone from The Incredibles


(A) to indicate excitement; or (B) to make the first word a modifier of the second word.

Make it rain.


When you’re just not sure.

Winona Ryder at the 2017 Emmys
Trust no one. Question everything.

Repeeeeaatiiinnngggg Lettteeeerrrssss

To visually show how long it takes to enunciate.

It's LeviOsa
Not levio-SAR

Exaggerated exclamation points!!!!!1111one

Hyperbolic excitement. So thrilled to type that you forget to hit the shift key and get 1’s instead.

Jim Carrey
Keyboard smash.

Deleted Text

For FTFY (fixed that for you) replies and other things that need to be corrected or revised.

Kira from Death Note.
Delete. Delete.


To trail off statements, predominantly used on Reddit.

Homer Simpson hides in bush
You didn’t see anything.


To replace spaces with the clapping emoji when you need to declare something major. Can also use similar emoji like 📢 or 🗣.

Robin Thede Black Lady Sign Language
Pay attention.

ASCII Formation

To make an image out of good ol’ text.

LOL olympics
Who needs photos?

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