We want a Philippine web design conference. So we’re planning one.

Another problem with web design aside from my previous laments is that it has always played “saling-pusa” (my indirect translation: second fiddle) to fields like print design, technology, blogging, internet marketing—at least in the Philippines. (I leave it up to you to connect the respective dots to Murder By Design, Graphika Manila, BarCamp Manila, iBlog, Philippine Blog Awards, WordCamp Philippines, SEMCON, IMMAP, and so forth.)

Maybe because web design is such a broad, confusing term that any event organizer would not know what to cover. And not everybody can be passionate about right-brain aesthetics and left-brain logic at the same time.

Still, a whimsical thread on Plurk shows that holding a Philippine web design conference may finally be a dream come true. Based on the early discussions at the planning site, we’re leaning towards something genuinely helpful to all attendees.

Shoutouts to those who attended the first impromptu planning session:

If you want to help out—please!—you can privately send your e-mail address plus your desired username.

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