Don’t Auto-Hyphenate Print Layouts When Featuring Websites

A note to all print publishers out there: if you’re doing a layout for an article that mentions URLs, don’t auto-hyphenate.

Hyphenated URL
from Bookwatch Vol. 11, Issue 2, page 26

Hyphenated text is a elegant feature of typesetting. Auto-hyphenated text is equally ingenious, but will break usability when a URL is longer than the space alloted to it. Unlike in web design, where a long string of text will brim over its containing element by default, print design is fixed and WYSIWYG.

The photo says it all. Try visiting and you’ll get nothing. Try it without the hyphen and you’ll get what the article meant to say but auto-hyphenatedly ruined. Not that people who read print even care about the websites featured.

Turn off that auto-hyphenate in your layout software, whether it’s Word, Publisher, InDesign, or QuarkXPress.

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