Anything you say, post, tweet, reblog can and will be used against you

“I will spell it out for those who don’t understand:

The recently signed Cybercrime Bill provision of libel will mean:

1) You can be taken to court for expressing a negative opinion.
2) You can be taken to court if someone is affected by your opinion.
3) You can be taken to court at a court which is farthest from where you live, because you as the defendant has to show up, while the accuser does not.
4) Did I mention you can go to jail for at least 6 years if you are convicted? Yes. For expressing your opinion.

This means that anything and everything you say, post, tweet, reblog, etc. can be used against you.

Yes, it is E-Martial Law. And if you don’t like it, then be prepared to fight it.”

Drei Gonzales

Edited link below since statement was deleted from FB:

Statement of Senator TG Guingona opposing the Cybercrime Act

Happy Martial Law anniversary, btw.

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