Antukin Notebooks

First found these notebooks in Fully Booked last year under fifty pesos apiece. The cover illustrations by Joanne de Leon are originally for Antukin: Philippine Folk Songs and Lullabyes compiled by Felicidad Prudente.

Not bigger than a postcard and binds 60 cream-colored sheets, the notebook actually dots its pages like graphing paper, instead of the usual horizontal rules. Which means the pattern won’t distract from what you write on it, and it’s great for sketching wireframes! A lovely, inexpensive, Philippine-made option for web design work and similar doodling.

It’s made by All & Sundry, sister company of Tahanan Books. Check out the covers here, and the art below.

The Quote ang Quote pads, whose material comes from The More the Manyer and I am Herewith Enclose, are also interesting.

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