2nd Mini Web Design Conference & Blue Beanie Day

November 27 and 28 are two more significant dates in the web design scene, so be sure to participate!

2nd Mini Web Design Conference

Update: Download the slides for the presentations here.

The <form> function() & .class mini web design conference series is on its second leg and will be held tomorrow, November 27th. Same time (6:00pm), same place (G2VC TechBar, Exist, Orient Square), with a new mix of topics and speakers:

Sign up here!

Blue Beanie Day 2008

Also on its second round, Blue Beanie Day lets web standards and accessibility passionates show their support by donning a blue beanie on Friday, November 28th. Make sure to let the whole world see you’re wearing it by posting it at the Flickr group and changing your profile photo on whichever social networks you’re on.

  1. Make a personal commitment to fight Web Standards apathy. Show solidarity with the Standardistas on Friday, November 28th, 2008.
  2. Buy, beg, or borrow a Blue Beanie (blue hat or cap, even a black or grey one will do in a pinch.)
  3. Take a photo of yourself wearing the Blue Beanie. Or take a cool group photo of you and your friends wearing Blue Beanies.
  4. Post your photo, or photos to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and other social networks on Friday, November 28th, 2008. Remember to switch your Facebook profile photo that day.
  5. Promote Blue Beanie Day in your blog or wiki starting today, and tell all your friends to get ready for Blue Beanie Day. Start by inviting all your Facebook friends to this event.

How could a blue beanie possibly connected to web standards? Simple!

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