Firefox Slowdowns With Memory Leaks and Browser Juggling

Firefox Slowdowns With Memory Leaks and Browser Juggling

If you’re all too familiar with the foxy browser (turned DCS mascot), you should also be aware that it’s all too prone to memory leaks. It’s the primary suspect when people complain about its hang-ups and slowdowns after extended periods of usage. I’m an unhappy victimcustomer, too.

Firefox Leak Monitor Alert

But a certain Firefox add-on called the Leak Monitor might just solve the problem. Just a few moments ago while using a very AJAX-y page a dialog popped up to inform me that were was, indeed, a memory leak caused by the infamous prototype.js. I’m not too fond of the said script as it is too large for its own good and wish more people would use moo.fx and its relatives like mootools, which have a tinier version of prototype.

Of course that’s not the only possible reason I’ve been experiencing those hungapp crashes; it may very well be the sheer number of add-ons I already have, or it might be just one of them. Either way, I’ve decided to reacquaint myself with Flock for miscellany I’m browsing. Web Developer Toolbar and FireBug (and IE Tab!) are indispensable for HTML/CSS debugging, but when I just need to watch Nodame Cantabile or Honey and Clover on YouTube*, that self-proclaimed Web 2.0 browser isn’t so bad. The built-in feed reader is also very appealing. However, I think Flock needs more time to be a little more like Firefox in terms of its user interface and community support. It also needs to incorporate way more “social” features, e.g. Meebo, StyleHive, out of the box.

Poor Opera. There’s just something about its UI that I can’t get used to, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on it. Will try juggling the three from now on.

I think there are some anime matters I need to get off my chest, among other things. Maybe in the next post.

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  1. Hi ia, I think Opera 9+ is more “fire-foxy” in terms of its tabbed browsing. Although it started this whole tabbed revolution thing, Firefox’ fame is simply hard to ignore. CTRL+N opens a new browser now, instead of a new tab. The rest is similar to Firefox.

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  2. Thanks for the info. I’ve heard that some of the add-ons on firefox have spyware and all, I saw some site which list down add-ons you shouldn’t install. Sori I forgot the url though.

    I Still use opera 9, I like it’s developer features. But year, something about it seems keeping it from taking off.

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  3. I like Opera—I remember using it way before any Mozilla products—but I just don’t find myself using it as often anymore. I agree, it has so many things out of the box compared to its Mozilla counterparts (perhaps Flock included!), like what Ferdz mentioned as well as widgets.

    Oh, and the latest version of the browser uses Ctrl+T for opening new tabs now (and Ctrl+N for new windows), unlike before. :)

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