PTB vs. PWiT: Philippine Crab Mentality Online

Okay, I don’t understand why people have to create something out of nothing, i.e., pit Pinoy Tech Blog against PWiT.

(Backtrack: Pinoy Tech Blog is the Philippines’ Premier Technology Blog while PWiT stands for Philippine Week in Tech: Current News, Views and Reviews. A mere parroting of their taglines? I’m avoiding any subjective descriptions here. An added note though—PWiT is obviously a play on TWiT, which stands for This Week in Tech, a netcast turned network of netcasts headed by Leo Laporte. It is also a play on the Filipino word for “ass”.)

The trouble with PWiT is that is reads like a mainstream media blog, like say Engadget. Or CNET. The writers are from mainstream media – just check the blogroll which links to a mix of personal blogs and MSM websites. So, why is the PWiT crew writing for this blog and not for their own publications? Some have blogs of their own, such as Hinge Inquirer and Summit Media?

(Okay, I just quoted half of the whole post. The “source of the controversy” was actually less controversial.)

Stop right there. So what if they’re from mainstream media? So what if “they’re not writing for The Man”? What’s wrong with mainstream? (Did I just say that?) Mainstream is the primary target market in any business, right? Now, even target markets aside, is it so hard to believe that these bunch of PWiTters aren’t writing for the money?

There’s nothing bad about competition, but the question is, is there competition at all?

That is the most disappointing of all.

Both blogs have but the best intentions for Filipinos and technology, but we hope we don’t bring into it our notorious Pinoy penchant for crab mentality. Just blogging is hard enough already. People with nothing better to do will always think of mentioning something along those lines and cause more harm than good.

Filipinos are moving into the blogosphere just as they have invaded the rest of the world. It’s just unfortunate that we’re bringing both our good values and our bad ones.

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