When I hit Save Draft in WordPress 3.1, I panicked. 3.2 fixed it.

WordPress 3.1 Publish panel

Here’s something I wrote a year ago:

I panic when I hit Save Draft in WordPress & see the Publish button gets the same “pressed” visual effect.

I switch tabs, then forget I’m just saving it, then what I see is the blue button getting pressed, then I panic

The probable explanation for this is to disable the Publish button when you press Save Draft. But there was no indicator which one was being pressed in that panel, only in the editing panel.

One year and one major release of WordPress after, there’s one tiny change that may explain why I panicked back then.

WordPress 3.2 Save Draft panel
Much better.

It wasn’t just the pressed state of the blue button. The AJAX spinner icon in WordPress 3.1 was right next to Publish, which probably subconsciously drilled in me that the post was being published instead of saved. In WordPress 3.2, the spinner is now to the right of Save Draft. No need to look elsewhere to find out if the post is being published or saved. That certainly made a world of difference for me.

And now I hit Publish.

P.S. I miss Lucida Grande in the admin panel.

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