What, No Holiday Post?

A Neighbor's Fireworks

Still, a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y’all!

I seem to have been too distracted by other things to come up with a post for this blog. I do have some things in mind but they’re too short for full length posts, so I stared at my blog for several days and pondered on whether to install some sort of asides (side-blogging) feature. Obviously, I haven’t (I tweaked and added other features anyway). So I shall resort to what I usually do, and that is unload a bunch of disjointed topics in one go.

Ill Behavior

Yahoo! Mail started conking out a few days ago and hasn’t been fixed since. Sure, Liam bouncing about is cute and all that in the Beta version, but the page won’t load at all and the ordinary interface isn’t working either (not to mention it’s completely stripped of any CSS). I’d like to think this is because of the recent earthquake that shook up most of the ISPs in the Philippines, but why isn’t GMail, equally AJAX-y, acting up? Not that I have much use for Yahoo! Mail anymore. (I’m having the same problem with Vox.)

Also encountered a number of “500 Internal Server Error” messages for most of my websites the other day. At first I thought it was Filcode’s fault but the error logs pointed to PHP_FLAG output_buffering on in .htaccess. Tech support hasn’t replied to my email yet but at least things are okay now.


I finished the Death Note manga in the wee hours of the morning of the 24th but needed more explanations brought about by the sad yet eerie ending. Seven days later, I couldn’t stop myself from doing this. Just a little tribute to everyone who believed in Kira, including Kira himself. I just like the idea of the song being about unrequited love, whose message could come from a Kira worshipper or even Misa or Kiyomi. But does Light deserve their love? Not really.

And ladies and gentlemen, meet my cousin. She’s in there somewhere, but more importantly, I want you to enjoy the song and the fact that she co-composed it.

Real Life

For starters, my father’s father was rushed into the ICU just before Christmas. Good thing he recovered quite well and he’s out of the hospital now. My mom was one of his favorite visitors, heh.

Speaking of my mom, she keeps on nagging me to take pics of our Christmas decor and the pimpin’ Belen (okay that’s blasphemous but the fur there is fo’ shizzle!) For now, the only holiday pics I have are of the fireworks outside (up there), not to mention several low-quality videos but still fun to watch!

Oh, and I’m finally a registered voter. Don’t get me started on the back-breaking, faint-inducing process that won’t get you anywhere unless you roll up your sleeves and blow your top off at the COMELEC officials. Forget computerization; you need trusty old algorithms to make order out of chaos. Their method does not scale. You don’t need the genius of Prof. Quiwa to figure out that their venue, for starters, is just wrong. Then again, who am I to complain about such queues when UP’s staggering enrollment lines haven’t been eliminated yet?

The Year In Review

I usually try to recall what has happened the past year during its last few minutes. 2006 was a transitional year for me, and reluctantly so: I’ve spend much of my life studying and now, I’m not. Half the year I’m cramming my brain out for thesis and the rest of my classes (not to mention orgs), then the next half I’m already employed. (Heck, the first thing my boss told me for this year was a new assignment I had to get done! Talk about KJ!) I haven’t gotten rid of my staying-up-late habit, though, but at least I now enjoy longer sleeping hours—ironic, no?—and longer surfing/designing/writing/chatting hours.

A List for the New Year?

I won’t expound here. I just wish I’ll be able to do the things I want to do and get the things I want to get soon. I’m feeling a lot less deprived and I feel good about it, but I also hope to straighten out my long-term goals and means to accomplish them. I’m currently ignoring the one voice that’s complaining about my “career move”; I want to solve that “issue” (and all issues surrounding it) this year, or at least as soon as possible.

As for you, yes you, I hope to stay by your side for as long as my sanity permits me to.

Two days into the new year already! Time flies when I’m fast asleep, err, busy.

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