Typographic and geographic frontiers at Lost World’s Fairs

Lost World's Fairs website

Get transported to El Dorado, Atlantis, and the Moon with Lost World’s Fairs, a site that pushes the limits of the web browser’s typographic capabilities and celebrates the release if IE 9 beta. (Stories from its creators here: Naz Hamid, Frank Chimero, Jason Santa Maria, Trent Walton)

@font-face embedding has been around since CSS version 2, but not the browser support for file formats other than .eot (Embedded Open Type).

Lost World's Fairs - El Dorado
El Dorado
Lost World's Fairs - Atlantis
Lost World's Fairs - The Moon
The Moon

The CSS is still bulky and redundant, much like other CSS3 properties, but it’s progress. Actual progress that’s coming by more and more quickly these days.

If the pages look nothing like the screenshots, get a better browser. Other stunning demonstrations that might convince you:

Brave new world, guys.

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