Two Ferris Wheels and a Cafe (Honey & Clover)

Hachikuro ferris wheel
From the Honey & Clover II finale. How pretty is that?

Hachikuro is the more endearing term for the slice-of-life (read: romantic but nothing much happens) series Honey and Clover, obtained by combining its Japanese equivalent: Hachimitsu to Kuroba. It’s not for everyone, but it’s really easy on the eyes, despite recurring themes of unrequited love and coming of age. The art (just like the music) is as pleasant as spring, just look at it.

This anime (see, I prefer anime over manga) left a sweet impression on me, one that has me wishing I could ride at least one of the two ferris wheels featured in the series: in the middle of a park in Tokyo (Great Ferris Wheel of Diamonds and Flowers) or amidst the buildings in Yokohama (Cosmo Clock 21). They look neither imposing nor out of place up there, despite their size. Instead, they look refined, intricate even, and remind me of carefully crafted mandalas gracefully spinning in the air.

It takes 17 minutes for one full turn on the Great Ferris Wheel and 15 minutes for the Cosmo Clock—fifteen minutes separated from the rest of the world.

Hachikuro Cafe
Hachikuro Cafe. Gasp, Morita looks serious! And a Hagu-chan mannequin (far right)!

Will we ever have ferris wheels like those in this country? Maybe, but I doubt if we’ll have anything like this one: the Hachikuro Cafe. Quite literally, it’s a cafe dedicated to Hachikuro itself (video) with Hachikuro goods and real food.

That’s what I like about Japan. They may have the craziest ideas sometimes, but they are driven by a specific form of passion called fandom. The closest thing we ever have to an establishment inspired by a fictional work is the Super Inggo Kwek Kwek Power Go! food cart—which isn’t exactly a bad idea, actually, just a very inexpensive, scaredycat version. (Jologs is a given, though Japan has its own type of jologs anyway. They can get away with it because they’re rich now.) At least the street food cart is franchised.

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