The easy way out

The easy way out

Japan's lifesize Gundam

Someone deleted this comment because it was supposedly irrelevant to the discussion:

Meh. I prefer Japan, it’s got the mothaf*cken lifesize Gundam.

Of course someone who can’t see how Lapu-Lapu, Andres Bonifacio, Jose Rizal, and Jose Abad Santos are worthy of being called heroes of this country would have even more difficulty parsing said sarcasm.

You can’t see how people who sacrificed themselves contributed to the country’s well-being; it’s easier to just accuse them of being sensationalist, petty, and disruptive. You can’t see how the Philippines can crawl out of this deep hole of poverty, corruption, and illiteracy; it’s easier to just run off to some some country where the climate, economy, and telenovelas are better.

But if it were me giving up and running off, I’d pick Japan. It’s got the mothaf*cken lifesize Gundam.

Of course, it’s just you.

Happy birthday, Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal Alonzo y Realonda. Here’s to not dying in vain.

Seriously, what kind of person worships a country because they’ve got awesome telenovelas? What kind of person closes his comment form and takes back his words after repeatedly defending them just because he can’t stand the heat.

Seriously, I want to go see that Gundam.

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  1. I’d pick Japan, too, but for a totally different reason: so when Japan invades Korea again, I can get that “blogger” as a slave (and let my samurai have fun). That is, if he does emigrate.


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  2. What is the need to have giant statues of Politicians? Are they less destructive than an insane machine.
    True Japan is a good place to be in but if it were me to decide I would still choose my country,my home as that is my identity.
    Do we leave our house if it has not been whitewashed properly? We work in making our house clean.
    Same should be for our country.Corruption,poverty and desperation is in every part of the globe.To what extent would we run.Like this we would one day return back to our country ;) remember the earth is round !

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