Taga-Q.C. Ka Ba?

I'm from Quezon City

I am. And I’m pretty excited to find a Taga-Q.C. as a blog so specific yet so close to home.

The content’s surprisingly good. I would love to see more posts like the Timbooktu bookstore, or even Ateneo’s real world rendition of Frank Warren’s Post Secret, one great filterblog.

You’ll notice the posts I mentioned are a bit Katipunan-centric. Maybe I’m waxing nostalgic over Gayuma or craving for Banapple that I’d love to see posts about them soon. And I hope that the author of this blog (as it doesn’t seem to be a group blog right now) has enough time to scour more streets of this really big, chaotic city and write about it, or at least have more people pitch in. It need not be in-depth, PinoyCentric style, but hopefully something vast and refreshing. This could be the start of something.

Manila may be the capital of the Philippines, and the Philippines as a whole needs more loyalty than its scattered islands and cities, but I’ve done many important things in Quezon City. I’ll dread the day when I have to part ways from it.

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