Screenshot of Svbtle admin


When I first caught wind of Svbtle by Dustin Curtis, I immediately wanted to sign up and try out its features but found it was extremely exclusive—an elite circle of the best minds in tech and design, in fact.


Fast forward to today, I ran into this project that transforms any WordPress installation into a Svbtle-like interface. That’s on top of Obtvse, Essence of Blogging, and several more others. People were inspired to build something like it just because the experience wasn’t available to them and the masses.

Dustin, on the other hand, just wanted people to be inspired by the ideas sent forth from that platform, in an environment that inspired such cultivation.

Screenshot of Svbtle admin

Both are gifts to the world, anyway.

First Svpply (and Wevther), then Svbtle. What is up with this ancient naming fad though? Should I start posting on Qwerky again or Also, is Mad Men/Don Draper the new Lorem Ipsum? Hint: another idea for a filterblog

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