Summarize & visualize your year on social media

As another year winds down, the major social networks have gone and partially liberated the information they collect about us in the form of a prettified year in review. Several years back, you had to manually and intentionally enter data to produce such reports. Bespoke ones are still the loveliest of course, with Nicholas Feltron’s leading the pack.

But now that there’s an app for checking in to everything—from music to places to food to books to exercise—surely it’s their responsibility to provide not only a zeitgeist from company- or world’s-eye-view, but a personal perspective as well. It’s the least they can do, given how much they know and how much they make from our lives.

Twitter video recap with Vizify

Vizify Twitter profile video recap

Instagram best moments with Statigram

Statigram best Instagram moments

TripIt year in the air by Cemre Güngör

Cemre TripIt year in review

WordPress year in blogging with Jetpack

WordPress Jetpack year in blogging

Spotify year in review

Spotify year in review

Facebook year in review

Facebook year in review

Google+ video year in review with Auto Awesome

Google+ Auto Awesome video year in review

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